2018 was like … a very complex year

Fun, but boring at the same time, incredibly happy and kinda weird, there was A LOT of laughter and quite a few tears. Learned my greatest lessons and messed up big times. But throughout it all, I can say that the events that occurred in 2018 really lit up something in my perspective. This year changed the way I view things around me and the way that I view myself. It changed my priorities and my desires.
I learned a lot about friendships. Some of them work and some don’t. Keeping a small circle of trusted people is usually the best thing you can do. Either way, friends should be valued at any point in your life. Having people who have your back any time is an absolute necessity and trust me when I say there is no one that cares for you more than a real friend. This is something I learned from experience so many times in the past.
Also learning who to trust and who trusts you when needed can save you from a lot. Chasing people to enter or stay in your life is wrong, any way you look at it. Let them walk away if they don`t show any desire to stay – or you might aswell do the walking yourself.
Looking back now, at how easy things used to get to me and how much importance I gave to such sad and desperate people makes me wanna cringe. I developed a skill about not caring a single bit about the things people do and say around and about me. I no longer pay attention to comments from people who don’t bring value into my life – and no, it doesn’t mean I am afraid to face them, I just don’t want to waste any more time trying to make others understand something they don’t want or are not capable of understanding anyway. Besides, they might have just gotten themselves a few more wrinkles from their own frustration.
My level of tolerance for lies, negativity, hate and “fakeness” has gone down tremendously. Either you’re honest and your intentions genuine or you’re out. I am not down to making any more compromises. There are people and situations, drama and fights, that I don’t have time for in 2019. I learned not to be afraid of letting things go when their outcome is no longer beneficial for me and I believe that I am capable of choosing what’s best for myself.
Ending before things get too deep and sentimental for me to handle, 2018 was intense. But I cannot say I didn’t enjoy most of it tho. Thanks to all my friends that made it amazing and helped things flow back to normal when they would become hectic. And thanks to my so called ”enemies” for showing me how pathetic lies and hatred can make you look. Not even a tiny bit sad about 2018 ending, as I am looking forward to a clean slate and I can’t wait to see how 2019 steps up the game.

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