Brasov, Romania activities – 48h Travel Diary

Brasov, Romania activities – 48h Travel Diary

Brasov, Romania

Recently, I decided to take a couple of days off from school and go on a 48 hours roadtrip. I wanted to visit Brasov (again!) as it is one of my favourite cities from Romania, and it is also very close from my hometown.  I found a beautiful place to stay, Casa Fanarilor ,a small house, with four rooms, right in the center of the city, I gathered some fun people and there we go.  This article is more like a travel diary that I really enjoy writing and looking back at.

As one might expect, the city had a troubled history. The Brasov defense fortifications were built between the 15th and the 17th centuries, as a consequence of the repeated invaders coming from the east and south. A significant part of the citadel walls are still standing. (source)

You can read more about this city`s history here and here.  But now, let`s get to the interesting part. What we did during our 48 hours stay in Brasov.

Day one

Of course, the first thing that we actually did after checking in was to take a nap – nothing more to say about it. We changed into Instagram worthy outfits and went down to the center of the city to eat something. We went to an italian restaurant, Prato, right in Brasov`s historical center. Great food, great atmosphere. While waiting for our dishes, of course we had to take some photos on every aesthetic street there is. 

Ending lunch with a classic Starbucks visit. There is a Starbucks right in The Council Square, and I absolutely had to have my Iced Caramel Machiatto, because I am obsessed!!!

After some wondering around the old streets and enjoying the sunny weather, we drove to the Brasov Fortress to enjoy the city view at night, as it is pretty high up and you can see a good part of the city from above. I don`t have any photos from there but this is pretty much how it looks like (source).

The first day ended with some fun chatting in the hotel room, eating (again!) some huge pancakes filled with vanilla cream.

Day Two

Day two was a little more dinamic. We woke up kind of early and took the cable car to the Tampa Peak. After arriving, you have to conquer a 15 ish minutes hike to the actual peak, but the view is breathtaking. We walked around for over an hour or so just to admire the surroundings . Here are some pictures we took there 

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After hiking back and eating, we did a little more sight seeing. We visited The White Tower,

The Black Tower (both with amazing views over the Council Square)



and The String Street (which is believed to be one of the narrowest street in Europe!) where of course I had to leave a mark… 

Day Three – going home

On our way home, we stopped to the Cantacuzino Castle, a stunning castle in Busteni.

Cantacuzino Castle from Busteni , of a great architectonic , historic and artistic value , was built and inaugurated in 1911 at the wish of Prince Gheorghe Grigore Cantacuzino (also known as “the Nabob”-prime minister of Romania between 1899-1900 and 1904-1907) (source) .

Besides the great weather and landscapes, we enjoyed some delicious traditional dishes in the Busteni area.

Even though we did some basic activities for people visiting Brasov, we actually had a lot of fun & laughter and made a lot of memories to look back to.  I could go back there anytime and do the same things over and over and I doubt I would get bored of it. I find Brasov as the perfect escape from a busy week (or life). Perfect for some calm before the storm, as I am going back to school on Monday. 

This is pretty much my Travel Diary for Brasov, Romania. Can`t wait to be back – still got some things to check off my list in that city ;).

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