Let’s talk positivity

While watching a movie, what seems to be just a line, referring to the power that a school director has over the school, it actually hit me – you gotta love random inspiration!
I was doing homework, not paying any attention to the movie whatsoever. For some reason, these words made me stop and think about what a powerful and true statement this is. Of course, I’m not talking about it in the contextual meaning – more like a metaphor.
Amazing things can happen from the inside! They really can!
And I am talking about being positive, ambitious, spontaneous, thankful, just a joyful and kind person overall. Those emotions really do send beautiful, important signals from inside – out. No one cares if you have the most beautiful eyes, if you use them just to see the bad around you. If you act all cool and friendly, but in your head, you really just think of ways to bring others down and break them apart for you to get what you want or who you want, that’s desperate. And it shows. It begins to control your mind, leaving you obsessive and miserable. And that will influence your vibe, your presence and life quality.
So why bother? Just be you, do you and be truly happy with who you are and what you have, and truly OK with what you don’t. Work towards your goals, but don’t make them about someone else, about what someone is, or about taking something from others just because you want to. Achieve them your ways, but keep others out of it – such a cliche paragraph but it is what it is
Whatsoever, achieving this positive mindset does not happen overnight. It takes discipline, work, hours spending on Pinterest reading motivational quotes (yes!). Little changes lead up to awesome things and it is important to begin working on them, starting from the inside. Whether it is low self esteem, jealousy, or just a hard day – things get better
I am not a master at it either, but I accept that and I am willing to work on it. This may be obvious to some and totally new and motivational to others. For me, it is just a reminder that amazing things can happen from the inside, that personality and mindset really matters and life is better lived as a kind and content person, rather than with a constant negative, jealous and gloomy mind. 

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