How I edit my Instagram photos in 2019!

How I edit my Instagram photos in 2019!

How I edit my Instagram photos in 2019, on my phone

Social media plays such a big part in our lives today. We want to share everything for the whole world to see… well, at least the good parts.

We live in an era where things, such as an Instagram feeds, are not only super important, but a way of expressing ourselves or our moods. Of course there are people that don’t really care about their feed and just post whatever they like, but this post is addressed to the obsessives and perfectionists.

I have always been a huge fan of aesthetics, both in real life and Instagram, I want everything to match perfectly – from colors to shape – everything. Of course my obsession for matching colors and themes had transferred over to the way I edit my Instagram photos, which is what I’ll show you today.  Not to brag or anything, but I’ve got quite a few compliments on my editing over time and a lot of questions also!

Now, less talking and more editing.

How I edit my Instagram pictures, 2019 edition

1. The first step is of course taking the actuale photo. Most of the time, I take my photos with my IPhone 7, as most of them are pretty spontaneous . There are, of course, some which I’ve taken on a DSLR camera.

Here are some photos taken with an IPhone:

How I edit my instagram photos in vsco


And here are some taken with a DSLR:

How I edit my instagram photos on a phone

I do prefer taking photos on an actual camera. It is pretty hard to carry one around everyday, but when I do plan on going out to take pictures, I’ll bring it without a doubt.

I obsess over the background of my pictures more than anything and can not take them just anywhere. My main focus is a clean background, old and cool looking buildings or streets. I don’t like plants and trees in my photos as I don’t like the way they edit.

Also lighting is key. Taking a photo in perfect lighting conditions just make your editing 10x times easier.

I will show you how I edited this pohot right here. It is taken on my IPhone, on my trip to Brasov. You can read more about that by clicking here. Here is a collage with the before and after photo.

The first thing that I do is to check for any unwanted people or things in the background of the photo. For this photo, I want to remove the boy from the right corner.

The level of difficulty for this depends on the photo, but the background with little buildings is helping me in this one, as no one is going to pay too much attention to that. I use Snapseed to edit that out. (for Appstore click here and for Google Play here). After I open the photo in the app, I’ll go to tools -> healing and try my best to fix it. Here is how the app looks like, and how I edited the photo.

ediing instgram pictures with snapseed


After I am happy with the result, I wil go straight to VSCO.  VSCO is a really popular editing app. I really love their filters and settings and I use it for all of my photos. You can get it in AppStore by clicking here and in Google Play by clicking here.

I usually change between filters – it really depends on the photo, but after choosing a filter ( I would usually go for HB2, A6 or S2), I just play around with the other settings until the photo fits my feed . At the end of the post, I will share some Instagram feed ideas that I’ve been using for my photos with different VSCO filters.

On this photo I feel like A6 fits best. Here is a screenshot with all the changes I made with this pictures. It is never the same, so I usually just test things out and see what looks better.

Instagram themes ideas


To see if the photo is matching my feed, I use the Preview app (AppStore link and Google Play link) . If i dont like something, either it is too bright or too cold, I’ll go back to VSCO and change the settings a little bit more.

editing Instagram pictures

Instagram feed ideas

And here it is – the final product. I really don’t do that much beside adding a filter and playing with the temperature and lighting.

Of course each photo is different. If my background is a crappy white I’ll use Facetune with the whitening tool to make it brighter.

Facetune tutorial

And if I have a random neon colored thing in the back of the photo, I’ll use the black and white feature on Facetune to take the color out of it.

Facetune tutorial


For this picture I used another VSCO filter,  HB2, but it still matches all the other ones.

editing Instagram photos

And the same thing happened to this one, using S2

editing Instagram photos

I tend to switch things up quite a lot. I went from a pretty dark and cold feed, to a blue’ish light one. Now my feed is warmer, with a tint of cream in every photo, wheather it is from the buildings in the back or my clothes. But they are still quite similar and I really love that! It makes a smooth transition between themes.

Instagram feed ideas

Other than that, I mostly look at my posture. I don’t like to put consecutive photos with the same pose or in the same style. I tend to alternate between close-ups, full body images and sitting. I’m also addicted to sun glasses and I wear them every day, no matter the weather. I have over 20 pairs to switch from, so I always make sure that I post some photos without sunglasses on, even tho I love the way they look.

Recently I have been loving spontaneous photo sessions and less photo shooting dates. I love going out exploring a new zone, new coffee shops etc. If it happens to find cute little spots to take fun pictures, then it is a double win. 

If you want to check out my Instagram profile (it is basically linked everywhere on this blog, but I will leave another link) click here.

I hope some of this information is helpful for the ones interested in this topic. You can go and check out some amazing quotes to live by in 2019 by clicking here, or some how to’s in having a more positive look on life by clicking here.

In the end, make sure your world does revolve around Instagram or any other social media app. Go out, make memories and take pictures even if they are not Instagram worthy. Post them anyway! Don’t forget to get real from time to time and enjoy the things around you.

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How I edit my Instagram photos in 2019!



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