Priorities – they said

Priorities – they said

Setting priorities.

You get to a point in life when your free time becomes less and less, your homework are longer and studying takes up a lot more space in your daily routine…

Well, I reached one of these points right now. And for me it is senior year… paperwork, exams, college admission, oh and more homework. I am sure anyone can relate, as the majority of us are going or have already gone through something similar. So, I will complain a little about how my social life is experiencing a serious downgrade.

It all started when I realized that I don’t have time to do everything I want and that I need to give up on some things to make space for others – not as fun, but definitely more important. That’s when priorities came into play. Whether I like it or not, things have to be done and I can’t be in multiple places at once (yet!) so I have to be selective with my time and energy.

It’s not sad, but rather frustrating to see how much my priorities have changed over the past couple of months.

I remember last year when I had a hard time balancing sipping tea with my best friends with finishing a whole tv series in 3 days and taking photos for Instagram. Somewhere in between these activities we would find time to do at least some homework and if not, we would do it during school breaks – they weren’t that important anyway.

Now, on the other hand,  I find myself stuck in the house doing school stuff and in the little free time I have, I’ll most likely complain about the things that I have to do. And if an occasion arises and I can actually go out as I have nothing else on the list, I just stay home and sleep – you would too, if you haven’t got a proper night sleep for days.

Needless to say that I’ve had more study dates than actual dates lately, but it’s ok, they’re fun aswell.

Somehow I still manage to mix things up – at least for now –  and kind of cheat at this whole priorities game.

My favorite thing to do is to use some instant motivation so I can get stuff done. Sometimes, the desire of finishing the year and getting into college is not enough to use as motivation. The events are too far away and you say that you have time to do things later. Also, the adrenaline does not kick in 9 months before the exam. So, to keep me going I set small rewards for finishing my work.

Last week, I said that, if I get a high score on a test, I could go to a dance class (haven’t been dancing for 5 months – injuries and lack of time). I got a good score on the test and I went to the dance class, instead of doing my math homework for the next day. Setting priorities. End of story.

Oh and these pictures? They were taken during school classes. We said we were going to the `bathroom`, we just didn’t mention which bathroom. The things we do for a nice Instagram theme…

It’s so weird to see how the things that once were a basic, almost everyday activity, are now luxurious occupations that I use as bait for my to do list.

But hey, it’s not all black and white. Sometimes you need to sacrifice some things in order to get what you want. It just happened that, in this case, I need to be more responsabile in managing my time. In the long run, when you achieve whatever it is that you want, it will be worth it. – at least, that’s what they say.

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