Self improvement tips..

People are always lookng for ways to become better, especially on the personal side.
As I have stated in the past, I am a huge fan of reading quotes about self growth (or about anything really), self improvement tips etc. Even if I don’t always succeed in applying them, as it is easier said than done, reading them still makes me feel a little more motivated and willing to work on myself. At the end of the day, if I can apply at least one of 100 I’ve read, I am still winning.
After a lot of research, I have put together a list of 12 self improvements tips that I find really inspiring and helpful, as well as easy to apply in your every day life. I am not, in any way, saying that I am in a position to give advice for personal development, as I am still working on it, but hey… isn’t everyone? We all have something to learn from one another and I am sure at least one of these 12 tips will spark something in you!
Here are 12 self improvement tips

  1. “Don’t only learn from success stories, learn from failure stories aswell”. I don’t actually remember where I read this, but I wrote it down right after, as I find it very true. We are all searching for other people’s success stories and we are focusing on that, when in reality, their failures are just as interesting. Seeing what someone has done wrong and learning from that, will prevent you from making the same mistake. There is no recipe for success, avaible for everyone to try, so you might aswell learn from already done mistakes, so you are not wasting any time repeating them.
  2. Be curious and ask questions all the time. Chances are, you will learn at least one new thing from this. Anything that is adding to your knowledge luggage is worth it. Plus, some things are actually very interesting and there is no harm in learning more, no matter the subject. So ask why something happened, how it did and pick up the informations that are benefic for yourself.
  3. Let go of imperfections and start anyway. This is something I’ve struggled with in the past and still am to this day. I am a perfectionist and a control freak so I want everything to be perfect before I put it out there –  a blog post, an Instagram picture, my school outfit. This is not necessarily a good thing. There is no such thing as perfection – not in humans, not in actions – so postponing everything will only slow you down and keep you from actually starting something. You should seek your best version of yourself and your work, but accept that you are in a learning process and be prepared to make mistakes.
  4. “Yesterday is not yours to recover, but tomorrow is yours to win or lose”. I really do love quotes!!! Anyway, this is meaningful and important to keep in mind, while  you are working on your self improvement. Don’t focus on the things you did not do yesterday, the things you did wrong or could have done better. It is not like you can start that day again. Instead, focus on the new day, as it represents a new beginning and it is a new chance for you to do your thing. You should only look back, to learn from your mistake and apply that lesson on your present actions – this is the only way you are going to grow.
  5. Become more observant. Notice the small things around you, pay attention to the way someone is talking, moving or reacting to certain things. Acknowledge the good in others and use it as self improvement motivation. Acknowledge the bad and use it as an example for what not to do and be careful when choosing your tribe. Notice the beauty around you aswell. There are so many little things passing by you that could actually make your day brighter. And if you see good in others, speak it. It will boost their confidence and for sure it won’t make you feel bad!
  6. It is ok to cancel plans. If you don’t feel like going out, just don’t. You don’t have to explain yourself to others. If you feel like spending your Friday night watching Netflix alone, so be it. Your friends will understand. It is better to call off a plan, than going out and feeling miserable. I personally like to recharge myself by having me time, especially if I in a stressful day. I get into my introvert mode and I like it!
  7.  Listen to your heart, but act with your brain. As much as I believe in following your gut instinct, or follow your heart, I have to be rational. Sometimes, our heart can lead us to a way of self distruction. To be sure you are doing the right thing, you should allow your brain to interfere from times to times, so you can relize what is off and to help get you back on track. Listen to your heart, but filter it with your brain!
  8. Ask yourself why you are doing something. Analyzing the reasons behind any action can determine if it is useful for you or not. If you are doing it because someone else is doing it, or someone said you have to do certain things to be a certain way, then you should probably rethink that. As long as you don’t see any benefits or an happy factors in your actions, then don’t do it. (not applying to school and homework tho, we all hate them)
  9.  Create a looking forward to board. It will help you stay motivated and focused on reaching your goals if you have something to look forward to. I have my festivals tickets printed and pinned above of my desk. Every time I am studying for my exams, I would see them and remember that I have something to look forward to!
  10. Don’t follow the crowd, do your own thing. Nowadays, everybody says stuff like be yourself, do you, be original… Yet,they still criticize others based on who they are and what they are doing.  I am guilty of this myself, but at least I realized that it is wrong and I am working on it. I believe that no matter who you are, the people who like you, will always will. The people who don’t, will always criticize. So you might aswell just do your own thing and see what happens.
  11. Take time to plan and prioritize. I am a huge fan of to do lists, planning every part of my day. It makes me feel more organized. Plus, the fact that I cross something off my list when it is done, makes me feel 100 times more productive. It is also easier to keep track of my chores and assignments. Sometimes, seeing what you have accomplished in a day can be the extra motivation you need, to get the rest of your work done.
  12. Leave some free time in your schedule. Sometimes I get so overly determined when I make my day planning, that I write down way to many things to do. Not being able to finish my work makes me feel anxious and unproductive. These situations can be avoided if you are a little more realistic when organising your schedule. Adding more things for you to do, doesn’t actually means that you will do them. It is just extra stress for yourself. Always leave some free time, you are going to take breaks anyway, so it is better to take them into account when doing your to do list.
    This is everything I’ve come up with for this post. I love writing these type of content and, based on your feedback, you like reading it too!  I hope you leave with at least one new and helpful information, that you’ll use in the future!
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