At the end of February, my friends and I went on a trip to Rome. Little did we know what was about to happen afterwards. I consider us very lucky for having the opportunity to visit such a beautiful city, for the memories we created, the fun times we had, but also for the fact that we all got home safe and healthy.

I know Italy is going through a very tough time right now, but let’s take it back for a moment and remind ourselves of the better times and beautiful memories. Yes, things are not great at the moment, but we can choose to be positive through it all – and we are not ignorant for doing so.

I put together some of my favorite pictures from the trip. I find myself scrolling through them quite often. It was such a fun trip filled with laughter, good food, amazing friends, shopping and weird, but funny moments. Even though this is mostly for me to look at in the future, I hope you enjoy it just as much as I do and I hope you’ll get a happy vibe from them :).

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